Best Vacuums For Campers in 2023 – What You NEED to Know

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Whether you’re a full-time RVer or just enjoy taking your camper out for weekend getaways, you know that one of the most important things to bring along is a good vacuum. Not only do you want a vacuum that can handle the small spaces in your RV, but you also need one that can withstand the bumps and jolts of the road.

To help you find the best vacuum for your needs, we’ve put together a list of the best vacuums for campers. We’ve considered a variety of factors, including weight, portability, and suction power. We’ve also included a range of price points to suit every budget.

So, whether you’re looking for a lightweight option for quick cleanups or a powerful machine for deep cleaning, Bestcarhome have got you covered.

1. BLACK DECKER dustbuster Cordless Handheld Vacuum

BLACKDECKER dustbuster Cordless Handheld Vacuum Flexi BlueGreyWhite HHVI315JO42MULTISURFACE USE is a great handheld vacuum for cleaning carpets, car interiors, furniture, and high-traffic areas. It is lightweight and portable, easy to carry and maneuver even in tight spaces. It also has a crevice tool to access hard-to-reach areas, a push-in brush for dusting and vacuuming upholstery, and a wide mouth for quickly scooping up large messes. Its cyclonic action spins dust and debris away from the filter, supplying consistently strong suction power. The high-capacity dirt bowl collects 50% more dirt than the HNV220BCZ01 and empties easily for simple debris disposal.

2. PRETTYCARE Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, 180W Powerful Suction Stick Vacuum

The PRETTYCARE Cordless Vacuum Cleaner is a powerful and lightweight vacuum cleaner that is perfect for cleaning hardwood floors and pet hair. The vacuum cleaner has a strong suction power of up to 20000Pa and a runtime of up to 35 minutes. The vacuum cleaner also has a 4 stage filtration system that helps to remove debris and deeply embedded dirt. The vacuum cleaner is also maneuverable and has LED lights that help to illuminate dark areas. The vacuum cleaner is also lightweight and compact which makes it easy to use and store. The vacuum cleaner also comes with a wall mount and a rechargeable battery.

3. WOWGO Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

The Wowgo Cordless Vacuum Cleaner 160W Powerful Suction Stick Vacuum with 40min Max Long Runtime Detachable Battery 4 in 1 Lightweight Quiet Handheld Vacuum Cleaner for Home Hard Floor Carpet Pet Hair is a great option for anyone looking for a powerful and lightweight vacuum cleaner. This vacuum cleaner offers a powerful 160W motor, 2600mAh lithium-ion battery, and 4 stages of full sealed filtration. It also includes a flexible motorized brush with LED light, low noise design, and easy empty and wall mountable storage.

This vacuum cleaner is perfect for anyone looking for a powerful and lightweight vacuum cleaner that can also handle carpets, hard floors, tiles, curtains, ceilings, and high surfaces. It also comes with a 1-year warranty and 724 aftersales service.

4. Kenmore DS4020 Cordless Stick Vacuum Lightweight Cleaner 2-Speed Power Suction LED Headlight 2-in-1 Handheld

Kenmore is a trusted brand name in appliances and home cleaning products, and the Kenmore DS4020 Cordless Stick Vacuum is a great option for those looking for a lightweight and easytouse vacuum cleaner. This 2in1 Stick Vac has a super lightweight design and is perfect for above floor cleaning or carrying up and down stairs. It also has a cordless design with 2speed modes for 8000PA of powerful suction. The battery status meter lets you know how much charge is left in the battery, and the highefficiency HEPA filter adds an additional layer of filtration.

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5. VacLife Handheld Vacuum

The VacLife handheld vacuum cleaner is a great tool to have around the house. It’s cordless and comes with a motorized brush to make cleaning up pet hair and messes easier. It also has a rechargeable battery, so you can use it for a long time before needing to recharge it.

The VacLife handheld vacuum cleaner is also equipped with a dual-filtration system to reduce the risk of a loss of suction. This system is composed of a washable high-quality HEPA filter and an innovative prefilter. The prefilter helps to keep out the large debris while the HEPA filter can effectively protect the dust from getting into the motor.

This handheld vacuum cleaner is also designed with your convenience in mind. It has a lightweight body and compact design, so it’s easy to carry around. It also has a built-in LED light to help you clean the corners and dark areas without effort. Plus, the single-click dust cup release button makes the dumping of the dust cup easier. The battery indicator is also convenient to show the current power level.

The VacLife handheld vacuum cleaner comes with a large-capacity battery of 2000mAh. This battery can be fully charged in 253 hours. On a full battery capacity, this mini vacuum can continuously work for 18 minutes with a motorized brush assembled and 20 minutes with the motorized brush unassembled. With its cordless design, the VacLife handheld vacuum cleaner enables you to complete an all-around cleaning with unrestricted movement.

6. VICSONIC Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

The VICSONIC Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner 8 in 1 Lightweight Handheld Vacuum Cleaners with 30Kpa Powerful Suction 480W BLDC Motor with LED Toch Screen Max 65min Runtime for Carpet Hardwood Floor is a powerful and lightweight cordless vacuum cleaner that is perfect for cleaning carpets, hardwood floors, and tile. This vacuum cleaner is equipped with a 480W highspeed brushless motor that delivers ultrapowerful suction at 30Kpa, making cleaning extremely efficient. The vacuum cleaner also has an intelligent sensor that automatically adjusts the suction power according to the amount of dirt, which ensures that the vacuum cleaner will always deliver the perfect amount of suction power. The vacuum cleaner also has a 72500mAh detachable battery that provides up to 65minutes of runtime, and it can be switched to three manual modes: Eco mode, standard mode, and strong mode. The vacuum cleaner also has an OLED touch display that indicates the battery level, the cleaning mode, and the error codes of the vacuum cleaner. The penetrating light of the OLED touch display can find the dust that is invisible to the naked eye, making the dust more threedimensional and clearer. This vacuum cleaner also comes with four different brushes, a motorized brush head, a long crevice brush, a sofa brush, and a 2 in 1 brush, that can be set on the handheld vacuum cleaner, the stick vacuum cleaner, or the onehanded vacuum cleaner.

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7. UMLo Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

UMLo Cordless Vacuum Cleaner 400W Stick Vacuum with 28Kpa Powerful Suction Smart Induction AutoAdjustment 55min Runtime6 in 1 Lightweight Vacuum with LED Display for Carpet Hard Floor Pet HairS928Kpa Powerful Suction Power Brushless Motor

This cordless vacuum cleaner features a 400W state-of-the-art brushless motor it can reach 100,000rpm generating 28Kpa 150AW strong suction. Easily removes dirt, debris, dust, pet hair, cat litter, pet food and other messes. This cordless vacuum performs perfectly on hardwood floors, low and middle pile carpets, tile, marble etc.

LED Display LED Rotatable Brush Head

LED display design of this stick vacuum makes you effortlessly know the status of vacuum cleaner. It shows the battery level, suction power, mode and automatic dust detection. 4 bright LED lights help the wireless vacuum illuminate every dark area and track dust and dirt. The brush head can be rotated by 90-165 degrees, no dead ends in corners and under furniture. Bring ease and convenience to your cleaning work.

Nice tricolor Ring Light

Unique and beautiful Blue, Purple and Red ring light design which is convenient for you to know the real-time power level of the stick vacuum cleaner and judge whether it should be charged. Criteria for judging the remaining battery power: Blue Light=75-100%, Purple Light=40-74%, Red Light=0-39%. Note: the light shows Flashing Red while the battery-electric quantity is less than 10%.

Suction Modes 55Min Long Runtime

S9 cordless stick vacuum has 4 suction modes: Economic Mode=10Kpa suction for 55 mins, Standard Mode=18Kpa for 25 mins, Strong Mode=28Kpa for 13 mins, Automatic Mode=10Kpa-28Kpa for 55 mins-13 mins. It automatically adjust the suction power based on the size of debris detected by the infrared sensor in auto mode. Easily meet your entire house cleaning needs. The removable battery of the rechargeable vacuum cordless can be charged separately.

5Layer Efficiency Filtration System

This battery vacuum adopts 5-stage fully-sealed filtration and the latest 6 concentric cyclone groups can capture 99.999% of the ultrafine dust and lock in small particles without leakage and expels fresher cleaner air for your family and prevents secondary air pollution. Service life is twice that of traditional filtration system. Note: HEPA is unwashable, regularly cleaning and replacing HEPA filter is good for maintaining excellent filtration efficiency.

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6 in 1 Versatile Cleaning

The cordless vacuum cleaner pet hair with a 2-in-1 brush, long crevice and extensible metal tube. It can be assembled arbitrarily for easy cleaning of stairs, curtains, windowsills, sofa, bed, desk, cars, RV and other hard-to-reach places. The lightweight design and ergonomic handle allow you to effortlessly operate the handheld vacuum cleaner with one hand. The OneButton Dust Dumping design makes emptying simple and high effective.

Tangle-free Floor Brush High-quality Aftersales

The vacuum cleaner carpet and floor is additionally equipped with an improved V-shaped floor brush. The bristles are smoother and effectively prevent hair from getting tangled on the roller. You no longer need to spend a lot of time cleaning the rollers. Two of rollers, the soft roller, better protect your hard floor. 7/24 hours online service if you have any questions, please contact us. We will provide you with a 100% satisfactory solution as soon as possible.


There is no one-size-fits-all answer to the question of what is the best vacuum for campers. Some vacuums are better suited for certain types of camping, while others are more versatile. With that in mind, here are five of the most frequently asked questions about vacuums for campers, along with the answers.

1. What is the best vacuum for camping in a trailer or RV?

When it comes to vacuums for camping in a trailer or RV, versatility is key. A vacuum that can be used on both hard surfaces and carpets is ideal. The Dirt Devil Rebel 12 Amp can be used as a stick vacuum or a hand vacuum, making it the perfect option for RV camping.

2. What is the best vacuum for camping in a tent?

For camping in a tent, a compact and lightweight vacuum is the best option. The Black & Decker BDH2000PL can be easily stored in a small bag and it operates on a 12-volt battery, making it perfect for camping.

3. What is the best vacuum for cleaning a camper?

When it comes to cleaning a camper, a vacuum with a detachable hose is the best option. The Bissell Zing Bagless Canister Vacuum has a detachable hose that can be used to clean tight spaces, such as the inside of the camper fridge.

4. What is the best vacuum for cleaning a motorhome?

A motorhome presents a unique challenge when it comes to vacuuming. It is larger than a camper or RV, so a vacuum with a powerful motor is necessary. The Dyson Ball Animal 2 has a powerful motor that makes it perfect for cleaning a motorhome.

5. What is the best vacuum for cleaning a tent?

A vacuum that is specifically designed for cleaning carpets is the best option for cleaning a tent. The Bissell CleanView Bagless Upright Vacuum has a powerful motor and a detachable hose, making it perfect for cleaning tents and other soft surfaces.

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